Southern Spring Porch Style

May 18, 2017

Charming porch style is a southern staple.

Springtime is all about getting outside and enjoying the weather. What better place to do that than on a comfy, cute front porch? Southerners know how to style a great front porch. And it’s no wonder because in the south great porches are not just for curb appeal, they’re a way of life.

Porch culture, as I call it, is about sitting outside in the cool of the evening, drinking a glass of wine, waving at cars driving by and visiting with neighbors. Because porch culture is a way of life in the south, southerners decorate their porches with plenty of comfortable chairs, porch swings, plants and flowers, a ceiling fan and small tables. Think: outdoor living room. The purpose is to be welcoming, inviting friends and neighbors to stop for a chat and to enjoy the cool breeze after a long, hot day.

I really admire porch culture in the south. It’s one of my favorite things and we’re working on incorporating it into our own lifestyle. Right now our porch is pretty bare so we go on walks with the baby in the evenings and visit with our neighbors on their porches. Sigh. Hopefully soon we’ll be hanging our own porch swing, surrounded by flowerpots and sipping some sweet tea. That’s the goal, at least. While we work on that, I’ve gathered some southern spring porch images as inspiration and motivation. Hopefully ours will look half as charming as these in the near future!

What do you think makes a great front porch? Is anybody else a front porch sitter? Let me know your tips and tricks for creating a great porch style!

Joie de vivre and porch swings,


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