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Nighttime Hair Care Tips

January 29, 2018

Nighttime Hair Care Tips |

Nighttime is the most popular time for self-care because, let’s face it, it’s about the only time that we can squeeze it in. While some leave it at a bubble bath and facemask, I’m always searching for the best nighttime hair care tips.

Recently I quizzed my new stylist—not the first one I’ve grilled about this topic—on tips for treating my hair at night. She was vague and cagey (ugh!) when asked for general hair advice, but she finally gave me a few tips for my particular hair type. So the following tips are geared toward women with color treated, healthy hair that tends to be dry and not oily.

Nighttime Hair Care Tips |

Nighttime Hair Care Tips |
Don’t Sleep Wet

This is my biggest offense. I shower at night because I can’t stand getting into bed dirty, so when I wash my hair I sleep with it wet. Apparently that’s a big no-no. Sleeping with wet hair can damage it, make it more likely to break and make you more susceptible to lice. Gross! That was a shocker to me. Since I still have to shower at night, the best thing for me to do is let my hair air dry before going to sleep.

Brush Matters

The type of brush you use really does have a big impact on your hair’s health. Use a brush with flexible bristles that runs through hair easily without pulling. My stylist recommended Wet Brush. I personally have always used picks and wide-tooth combs to detangle my wet hair and they’ve minimized my hair breakage.

Every Head is Different

My stylist really stressed the importance of getting advice from your stylist since every head of hair is different. Age, ethnicity, hair type, color treatment and even medications you’re taking can affect your hair. So the best advice is to ask your stylist for a personal diagnosis of your hair and have her recommend products and techniques that work for you.

Here are a few additional takeaways that your Mom probably told you growing up but are good reminders for us all:

  • Brush your hair before bed.
  • Wash your hair every other or every two days (you can condition in between).
  • For long hair, sleep with it in a loose bun on top of your head.
  • If your ends are dry, use an oil treatment on mid-to-ends of hair, like you’re putting your hair in a ponytail. Avoid adding oil at the crown and scalp.

Joie de vivre and good hair days,


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    Many women are always looking for nighttime hair care tips and this article is great for providing them with the information that they need. The point about letting your hair dry before you sleep is an essential piece of advice that all women should know about, as it will help to maintain your hairs healthy appearance as well save you time in the morning. Overall, this article is beneficial to all women that want more hair care tips.

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