Daddy’s Home

July 6, 2017

Home life is really sweet these days.

I’ve always been a homebody, but nowadays the best part of my day is our family time in the evenings. Every morning when Dan leaves for work, I get a little sad to see him go. And every day when he gets home, I’m so glad to be together again. Our family time is just the greatest.

I’m lucky enough to be able to stay home and care for Audrey, so I get a lot of cuddle and play time with her during the day. Since Dan is working at the hospital everyday, evenings are his time to bond with Audrey. And it is the sweetest thing to witness.

First of all, Audrey is a daddy’s girl. I’ve already realized this and I’m trying to process it so it doesn’t devastate me when the day comes that she totally rejects me for Dan. Who am I kidding? I’ll still be devastated when that happens.

Audrey lights up whenever Dan comes home, and he does his best to make the time fun for her. He’s very playful and makes great silly faces and voices. His entire goal in life is to make Audrey laugh as much as possible. She loves to babble at him and touch his face because, for some reason, his features fascinate her. She also plays shy by turning her face away to laugh at Dan and then turning back to see what he’ll do next. It’s a fun sort of peek-a-boo game.

I love our little family life right now. Home is a happy place for us. After dealing with the chaos of the world all day, coming home is a welcome relief where everyone is happy to be together. I know these days are short and life has a way of getting busy and flying by. Everyone tells us to savor the days when Audrey is this age because they go by so fast. So I captured some of those moments recently. I want to remember these sweet days with the three of us as a family, and the joy we feel just being home together at the end of the day. Family time is truly the best gift.

Joie de vivre and family time,








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