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Nighttime Hair Care Tips

January 29, 2018

Nighttime Hair Care Tips |

Nighttime is the most popular time for self-care because, let’s face it, it’s about the only time that we can squeeze it in. While some leave it at a bubble bath and facemask, I’m always searching for the best nighttime hair care tips.

Recently I quizzed my new stylist—not the first one I’ve grilled about this topic—on tips for treating my hair at night. She was vague and cagey (ugh!) when asked for general hair advice, but she finally gave me a few tips for my particular hair type. So the following tips are geared toward women with color treated, healthy hair that tends to be dry and not oily.

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Heather Astleford | 5 Under: Velvet Crush |
Style + Beauty

5 Under: Velvet Crush

My next installment of my 5 Under series is all about my current velvet crush. It’s the perfect fabric for fall/winter parties and celebrations because it gives a touch of luxury and elegance while still being warm and comfortable. Let’s be honest, ladies, it’s…

November 14, 2017
Style + Beauty

5 Pre-Fall Looks to Love

Ugh, August! Am I right?! August used to be exciting because it was the last month of summer, which meant long days at the pool, back-to-school shopping and new outfits. Now it’s just the never-ending month of heat and humidity, slogging through the work…

August 10, 2017
Style + Beauty

5 Under: Summer Dresses

Happy first day of summer, y’all! It has felt like summer for a few weeks now here in Tennessee with the heat and humidity, but today is the first real day of summer. I love summer but I can’t stand feeling hot and sticky,…

June 21, 2017
Style + Beauty

12 Timeless & Classy Fall Outfits to Love

… that won’t break the bank! Fall is here! Which means we can finally break out the chunky sweaters, skinny jeans and ankle booties. Well, that’s my fall uniform anyway. Now that I’m in my 30s – so much older and wiser than my…

October 6, 2016
Style + Beauty

5 Fresh Hair Trends to Love This Spring

It seems like spring bursts onto the scene suddenly after a long winter. Whether it be a warm, sunny day or a pear tree full of white blooms, one never knows exactly when spring will show up, but one can always say “it is…

March 30, 2016