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Health + Wellness

Focus Word for 2018: Wellness

January 1, 2018

My Post-Baby Workout Routine

It’s officially time to hit the reset button.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Many of us will use the new year as the perfect time to start new resolutions, and most of our resolutions will include some something like exercising and eating well. I’ll admit I’m in that camp this year!

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Health + Wellness

Clean Eating

When is buying organic worth it? Last Saturday Dan, Audrey and I went out to do some shopping for our upcoming family photo session. While we were out we decided to get groceries, but we ran into the issue of needing some toiletries, like…

August 8, 2017
Health + Wellness

Summer Exercise Safety Tips

There’s something freeing about being out in the great outdoors after being cooped up in the house all winter. The days are longer, the sun is warmer and world is just begging you to go outside and enjoy it.…

June 27, 2017
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Health + Wellness Inspiration + Wisdom

Ask a Dietician

Get answers to your nutrition questions and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle in Sunflower Magnolia’s Q&A with Registered Dietitian Ashley Stein. Living a healthy lifestyle today is easier, and harder, than ever before. Everywhere we go we are bombarded with a new…

May 12, 2016
Health + Wellness

Benefits of Owning a Pet

Pet ownership is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences in our lives. If you’ve ever owned a pet, you probably have dozens of stories of companionship, amusement and genuine love that you shared with that animal. Pets, once brought into our lives,…

January 21, 2016
Health + Wellness

A Fit New Year

Last weekend, Mr. Magnolia and I decided it was about time we put one of our New Year’s Resolutions – making 2016 the year of our best bodies (thanks Oprah!) – into action by taking a hike. Literally.…

January 7, 2016