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Audrey at 10 Months

November 28, 2017

Audrey at 10 Months |

Audrey Joy is living up to her name… most of the time. Over the past month, she’s been trying lots of new foods, crawling like a champ and pulling up on Mom and Dad. Her smiley, cheery personality still shines most of the time but her inability to communicate and evolving sleeping habits have caused for some cranky days.

Check out what Audrey’s been up to this month:

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Heather Astleford | Audrey at 9 Months |

Audrey at 9 Months

Nine months old, can you believe it?! These days it’s hard to get Audrey to sit still long enough to take her picture. She’s Army crawling all over the place, eating lots of different foods, exploring new things, cutting four new teeth and laughing/smiling…

October 30, 2017
Heather Astleford | | Newborn Photos

Newborn Photos

How have I gone on for almost 9 months without sharing Audrey’s newborn pictures here on the blog? It’s crazy! It has to stop. Today is the day I’m sharing Audrey’s first ever photoshoot pictures.…

October 17, 2017
baby girl progress update at 8 months old

Audrey at 8 Months

Audrey is eight months old today and it feels like her development is gaining a lot of steam. You can tell she’s so eager to move, wiggle and start the crawling phase. In this stage she’s less about being held and more about moving…

September 22, 2017

Audrey at 7 Months

Seven months old, y’all! Audrey is so much fun these days. She’s smiling and laughing more often and she exploring more of the world. I find that I really like this stage because she’s able to interact with me, I can tell she sort…

August 24, 2017

Audrey at 6 Months

We’ve made it half of a year with our sweet baby girl! In some ways it seems impossible that much time has passed, but in other ways it feels like a lifetime since we were carefree DINKS (double income, no kids). Here’s an update…

July 25, 2017