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DIY Painted Lamp

January 17, 2017

What’s better than buying a new lamp for the house? Rehabbing an old lamp with new paint and saving some moolah. That’s exactly how this DIY painted lamp came into existence.

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DIY Lavender & Lemon Body Scrub

Make your own body scrub at home for smooth summer skin. A few years ago before my sister’s wedding, she told me about an awesome body scrub that she found on Pinterest that consisted of just brown sugar and olive oil. She said it…

May 20, 2016
DIY Food + Drink

Super Bowl Watch Party

It’s Super Bowl week! I can’t decide what I like best, Peyton Manning or the underdog Carolina Panthers. Oh, I know what it is I like best, it’s the fact that Beyonce will be performing with Coldplay at halftime. 🙂 And the food. I…

February 1, 2016