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Cell Phone Etiquette at the Dinner Table

June 15, 2017

Etiquette is not a lost art. Practicing good manners is about being considerate of others and showing them respect. Those two things are never a lost art, but sometimes we need to be reminded when modern life makes us forget. Nowhere is it more prevalent that we’ve forgotten our manners than when we have a cell phone in our hands. This is doubly true when we’re at the table.

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Etiquette Relationships

The Etiquette of a Good Conversationalist

Master the art of everyday conversation. There’s a difference between being a good communicator and the art of being a good conversationalist. Between work life, home life and social media, we often end up communicating details and information about ourselves. Good conversation, on the…

September 20, 2016

Guide to Wedding Gift Etiquette

Celebrate the bride and groom’s Big Day with my stress-free guide to wedding gift etiquette. I always think of this time of year (late spring to early fall) as celebration season. It seems like there’s always a graduation, shower, engagement party or wedding at…

May 24, 2016
How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

How to Write the Perfect Thank-You Note

Everything you need to know about writing the perfect thank-you note. It’s time to reveal an ugly truth about myself – I’m not the best note and card sender. In my 20s, I’ve been invited to weddings and didn’t RSVP; I’ve received birthday cards…

May 10, 2016