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Colorful Children’s Birthday Party

January 17, 2018

My daughter’s first birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I’m super excited to give her a cute, colorful birthday party. She’s going to be one so I’m going to try not to go over the top, but it’s hard because everything is so cute! My husband keeps reminding me that she’s never going to remember her first birthday, but pictures. live. forever.

While I’ve been mentally planning her birthday for some time now, I’m just now settling on the details, starting with the theme. While I love all the muted colors, blush, gray and gold themes for little girls (see Audrey’s nursery) I’m a little over it. Ok, way over it. I want color! And balloons! And Crayons, and party hats, and pom-poms! Audrey has a bright, joyful personality and I want a first birthday party to match it.

So today’s post is about pulling inspiration (thank you, Pinterest!) from multiple sources to get ideas for everything from the decorations to the cake to the games. A colorful children’s first birthday party inspiration post, if you will. Enjoy!

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Heather Hickerson Astleford | William Henry Margetson |
Inspiration + Wisdom

Get To Know Artist William Henry Margetson

It has been about a year since I’ve featured an artist to know on my blog, so I’m really excited to feature another artist today. I’m by no means an art expert. I actually think art is a little intimidating, but I’m drawn to…

January 11, 2018
Inspiration + Wisdom

Remembering Princess Diana

What Princess Diana Meant to Me The death of Princess Diana 20 years ago is a “John F. Kennedy” moment for me; meaning I’ll always remember where I was when I learned that Princess Diana had died in a car crash in Paris. I…

August 31, 2017

Cell Phone Etiquette at the Dinner Table

Etiquette is not a lost art. Practicing good manners is about being considerate of others and showing them respect. Those two things are never a lost art, but sometimes we need to be reminded when modern life makes us forget. Nowhere is it more…

June 15, 2017
Home Tips

Strategies for Setting a Home Design Budget

Get exactly what you want while staying within your budget. Building a home last year was an education for my husband and me. We had never even bought a home much less built one. Working with the builders, picking out finishings and being involved…

June 5, 2017

5 Habits of Happy People

There are no yellow brick roads on the way to happiness, just a few tried and true principles. These 5 habits of happy people are simple to integrate into your everyday life and can have an immediate impact on your overall happiness. Here’s some…

May 9, 2017
DIY painted lamp

DIY Painted Lamp

What’s better than buying a new lamp for the house? Rehabbing an old lamp with new paint and saving some moolah. That’s exactly how this DIY painted lamp came into existence.…

January 17, 2017