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About Sunflower Magnolia

Welcome to Sunflower Magnolia!

On Sunflower Magnolia, I explore ways to make life more beautiful, bountiful and blessed on a budget. I also share my adventures in baking, DIY, travel, motherhood, home decor, healthy living and social graces with a lifestyle philosophy I call Life in Bloom.

My Sunflower Magnolia Story

I created Sunflower Magnolia in 2015 after my husband and I – who were born and raised in the Midwest – moved to Louisiana. It didn’t take long for culture shock to set in, but we have a “say yes” motto that pushed us to embrace our new life. We decided to try things that could only happen in Louisiana, like go on a swamp boat tour, join a family crawfish boil and catch beads at a Mardi Gras parade. It was in the Magnolia State that I started this blog as a way to share our new adventures with friends and family back home.

Just 10 months after we moved to Louisiana, God called us on another adventure to Chattanooga. In Tennessee, we built a house and we’re having our first baby!

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Life in Bloom

My Midwest roots gave me an appreciation for the simple things in life, like faith, family, hard work and thrift. My new Southern life gave me an appreciation for charm, tradition, style and “joie de vivre.” All of these things form my philosophy that life should be beautiful, bountiful and a blessing to others all while living within our most limited resources, time and money. I call this philosophy Life in Bloom.

“A Life in Bloom bears fruit in all areas – family, home, health and wealth.”

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Heather Hickerson AstlefordProfile

I’m a sunflower; a born and raised Kansas prairie girl. After college, I moved to Kansas City where I lived for seven years and developed a deep love for great BBQ. That’s also there that I met my wonderful and hilarious husband, originally from South Dakota. Just four months after we were married we moved to Louisiana and Sunflower Magnolia was born.

My professional background is in marketing and communications. I believe in investing in our local communities, so when I’m not working and blogging I’m involved in my community through the Junior League. I’m a homebody at heart but I thrive on making new friends and spending quality time with dear old ones. I’m a total girl’s girl and love the feminine side of life. I believe life should be graceful, beautiful and doable for every woman on a budget.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Contact me if you want to know more about collaborating with me on future projects!