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August 2017

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5 Pre-Fall Looks to Love

August 10, 2017


Ugh, August! Am I right?! August used to be exciting because it was the last month of summer, which meant long days at the pool, back-to-school shopping and new outfits. Now it’s just the never-ending month of heat and humidity, slogging through the work day and daydreaming about the crips, cool days of fall.

Ok, so I might be a little obsessed with fall (see also this post and this post and this post). It’s my favorite season! I love the crisp air, colorful leaves and the fall fashion. It’s totally my season. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot about pre-fall fashion ads online, which at first seemed like the industry’s way to get you to buy clothes for a mini-season, but the more I thought about the wardrobe possibilities the more I liked this idea.

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Health + Wellness

Clean Eating

When is buying organic worth it? Last Saturday Dan, Audrey and I went out to do some shopping for our upcoming family photo session. While we were out we decided to get groceries, but we ran into the issue of needing some toiletries, like…

August 8, 2017
Food + Drink

Wine 101

Learning the basics of wine from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of FrenchΒ CookingΒ  I first discovered Julia Child five or six years ago when I read her book My Life in France. At the time I was more interested in France than Julia or…

August 3, 2017

Parenting Goals

4 Character Traits to Pass On to My Daughter I get excited about parenting when I think about the things I get to show, teach and experience with my daughter. She’s only 6 months old but I’ve been thinking of character traits that I…

August 1, 2017