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April 2017


Elements of the Perfect Cottage Garden

April 27, 2017

I have wished for several years that I had 1.) space to plant a garden and 2.) a green thumb. Well, one of those things came to fruition last year when we built our new house, which I lovingly refer to as Blue Belle Cottage. The little white picket fence in our front yard is practically begging for me to plant some rose bushes and lavender.

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Sunflower Magnolia Turns 2!

Sophomore year of Sunflower Magnolia experienced pains but also found purpose. Is sophomore year of high school anyone’s favorite year? No, but it’s usually the year that you start to grow. The freshmen growing pains are over, you feel a little more comfortable with…

April 25, 2017

Audrey at 3 Months Old

Today I’m starting a new monthly series to share updates about life with Audrey, how she’s growing, what she’s learning and how Mom and Dad are handling parenthood. Audrey will be three months old on April 23 and I couldn’t be more excited. The…

April 21, 2017
Food + Drink

Dairy-Free Lactation Cookies

Delicious, dairy-free cookies with sticktoitiveness for breastfeeding mamas. I’m not one to diet. Not because I couldn’t stand to lose weight or be healthier, but because I know I would never stick to a diet. I have no willpower. But when Audrey’s pediatrician told…

April 19, 2017
Holidays + Events Relationships

Easter Romance

Five years ago, Easter weekend changed my life. Most people don’t think of Easter as a romantic holiday, but I do because on this weekend five years ago I met my future husband. Grab a cuppa joe and sit a spell as I tell you…

April 14, 2017

Audrey’s Birth Story

All about Baby A’s arrival, from contractions to coming home, without all of the gory details. In my last pregnancy post at 39 weeks, I talked about being surprised that Baby A hadn’t arrived yet. What I didn’t mention was that my doctor and…

April 11, 2017