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2017 in Review

January 4, 2018

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

I’m a little late in reviewing 2017 but that’s about how my year has gone!

Some years are banner years because you fall in love or get a great job… or have your first child. That’s 2017 for me. It was a big year because I became mom. Sometimes I still don’t think I’ve fully wrapped my mind around that yet. There were highs and lows, so many things to learn, and days I thought would never end! But looking at 2017 as a whole, I only have love and fond memories.

Audrey’s Arrival

The year started with Audrey’s arrival in January. I kind of forget what happened for the next few months, LOL! Ok, so I remember them, sort of, but they were mostly spent breastfeeding, sleeping and trying to keep my head above water. Eventually we got past the worst of it and when I popped my head up to look around it was summer!

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

Sweet Summer

By the summer, Audrey was 6 months old and we were getting into a groove as parents. We were able to take her out of the house, go to a couple baseball games, celebrate the 4th of July and take her swimming. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary and, of course, found a field of sunflowers to enjoy. 🙂

Father’s Day was extra special this year as we got to celebrate Dan’s first year as a dad.

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

Awesome Autumn

My favorite season! This autumn was so fun. Audrey started crawling, we took our first ever family photos, and I threw a baby shower for my twin sister during our annual K-State Homecoming trip.

Heather Astleford | Audrey at 9 Months |

Heather Astleford | First Family Photos |

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

Audrey at 10 Months |

Wonderful Winter

To round out the year, we got to celebrate Audrey’s first Christmas with both of our families. Audrey got to spend more time with her cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents, and I’ll always love that. Soon she’ll be walking and her first birthday is right around the corner. Yikes!

Audrey at 11 Months |

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

Audrey with her cousin Linden.

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

Unwrapping Audrey’s first Christmas!

Heather Astleford | 2017 in Review |

2017 was a life-changing year. There were days of intense struggle and intense love. I’d like to say there were several reasons that made 2017 such an unforgettable year, but it really boils down to becoming a mom and everything it entails. 2017 was a wonderful, challenging, humbling and beautiful year, and I’m fully looking forward to whatever 2018 has in store for us.

Joie de vivre and cheers to 2017!


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