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5 Must-Reads from Around the Web | February Edition

February 25, 2016

You’re busy, you don’t have all the time in the world to scour the Internet to find interesting and informative posts that will make your life more convenient, affordable and stylish. Never fear, I’ve done that for you. Today’s February edition of 5 Must-Reads from Around the Web covers everything from styling a trench coat to setting #lifegoals to creating the perfect professional wardrobe. Enjoy!

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Style + Beauty

Sophisticated Academy Awards Style

The Academy Awards are all about style! Oscar night is the night for Hollywood to pull out all the stops and show us regular folk why they deserve our attention. Why else would we sit through 3 hours of red carpet interviews, followed by…

February 23, 2016
Biltmore Estate in winter

Welcome to Biltmore

I have found it – the most perfect place for me to live out my Downton Abbey fantasies. Welcome to my new home, Biltmore Estate, complete with nearby village, thousands of acres of land surrounded by rolling mountains and, of course, a mansion to…

February 17, 2016

Weekend Escape to Asheville, North Carolina

Mr. Magnolia and I made a promise to each other when we moved from our Midwest nest and into the unknown American Southland that we would take advantage of this opportunity to travel and explore all that the Southern states have to offer. So…

February 16, 2016
Inspiration + Wisdom

President’s Day Pearls of Wisdom

To some people, February is a hateful cold winter month that must be endured before the first signs of spring arrives in March. To me, February is the month of some of my favorite holidays – my birthday, Valentine’s Day and the oft-overlooked President’s…

February 15, 2016
Holidays + Events

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Finally, my favorite holiday (after Christmas) is here! I honestly have only love for this holiday and always have. Even during my hopelessly single days I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a little chocolate and flowers for myself. Does that make me…

February 12, 2016
Family Life

Twins Double the Birthday Fun

It’s my 31st birthday today! (When did I get so old!?) You may not know this about me, but I’m a fraternal twin. So I should say that today is our birthday, Holly’s and mine. I absolutely love being a twin. She’s my best…

February 4, 2016