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November 2015

Food + Drink

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe

November 24, 2015

It’s Thanksgiving week! Woo hoo! I am loving this holiday more and more the older that I get – the food, the parade, the family, the naps, the dirty dishes that my husband will wash!

This is Mr. Magnolia’s and my first Thanksgiving away from family. We decided not to travel home this year and that leaves me with the responsibility for planning, preparing and pulling off our first Thanksgiving dinner as a married couple. I am so excited! But it really got me thinking, “What are my favorite Thanksgiving recipes?” I mean, I really had to narrow them down or I’d be making a feast for 12 instead of just us two.

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Health + Wellness Tips

5 Tips for Grateful Living

Merci! Gracias! Thank You! Let’s face it, the holidays are an indulgent time of year. I want all the delicious food, fabulous clothes, newest gadgets and most Pinterest-worthy home décor you can throw at me… And I want it now! That’s because I’m a…

November 19, 2015
Style + Beauty

Cold Weather Companions

This is my time of year, folks. You know how some people have a soul for summer? They are the ones who have a perpetual sun-kissed hue and look great in tropical colors. Well, I’m a fall and winter girl. Is that because of…

November 17, 2015

We’re Moving to Tennessee!

Yes, folks. The rumors are true. Mr. and Mrs. Magnolia are packing our bags – yet again – and moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee in one week! Yikes, I gotta lot to do!…

November 5, 2015

Family Tradition | K-State Homecoming

If the air is chilly, the leaves are changing and football season is in full swing, then it’s time for one of my favorite family traditions – Kansas State University Homecoming Weekend!…

November 3, 2015