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Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips from a Newlywed

May 28, 2015

Summer is one of my favorite seasons, the warmth, the swimming pool and… wedding season! With my one-year anniversary coming up on June 6, I thought I would share some of my advice for all the belles who are planning their walk down the aisle.

1. Dollars and Sense
The wedding budget was one of the first loud conversations my then-fiancé and I had in the wedding planning process. Whether you’re one of the lucky ones whose parents are paying for the wedding or if you’re shouldering the whole expense yourselves, I encourage you to have the budget conversation early and often. In all likelihood you will have some back and forth before you settle on the budget, but once you finalize it stick to it.

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We’re such goofballs that we had to find a silly way of announcing our engagement.

2. Allow yourself to feel the joy
There will inevitably be things (and people) along your journey to the aisle that will upset you/make you cry/cause you to throw your hands in the air with exasperation. First, let me say I sympathize.  Second, take a few deep breaths, walk away from the problem for a little while and accept that some things are out of your control. It’s ok when things arise that aren’t going your way, but don’t let them steal your joy and excitement. Focus on all the positive things that are happening and move on from the rest.

3. Seek Help
My husband and I planned our wedding ourselves. I was the architect with the vision; he was the keeper of the purse. It actually worked out perfectly, so we didn’t regret not hiring a wedding coordinator… until the wedding day. Brides: you get all the glory of being beautiful and having great taste, as well as all the endless questions and decisions that have to be made in the days leading up to the wedding, and especially on the wedding day itself. If I had one do-over, I would have hired a day-of wedding coordinator who would have protected me from all the people and questions and decisions, as well as to keep us on schedule so I could just enjoy the day.

Sunflower Magnolia, wedding, newlywed, tips

Honeymoon in tropical, serene St. Lucia? Yes, please!

Sunflower Magnolia, wedding, newlywed, tips

Kissing under the Pitons in St. Lucia is a must for honeymooners young or old.

4. The Importance of a Honeymoon
Every time I think about laying on the beach in St. Lucia on our honeymoon, a sense of calm and joy washes over me. I was a supporter of a honeymoon before, but now I’m an enthusiastic advocate. If you’re trying to decide to spend money on an open bar, DJ, cake, more expensive dress or honeymoon, I say to pick the HONEYMOON!

5. No Regrets
During our first year of marriage, my husband and I still fondly reminisce about our wedding and honeymoon. Of course there are 2-3 things that we would probably do differently having known what we know now, but we don’t get too much heartburn about them. I always feel so much appreciation and happiness when my friends and family tell us how much they loved the venue, the food, the cocktails, my dress, our chapel, etc., etc. I am happy to say that I look back at the wedding planning process and the day itself and I have no regrets.

Sunflower Magnolia, wedding, newlywed, tips

Reflecting on our wedding day brings us so much joy, all we remember is the good… almost.

What did you learn about planning your wedding?

Joie de vivre!

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